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The app that turns the hours you work into more than a paycheck.

One Hour
One Salt

A modern rewards program built for the modern day worker that allows you to finally capture the true value of your work.

How it Works

The app that gives you more for the hours you work.  Mine your hours, grow your balance, share with loved ones, and start building for your future.

Own Your Effort
Own Your Effort
Mine Your Hours
Mine Your Hours
Grow Your Salt Balance
Grow Your Salt Balance
Pass the Salt
Pass the Salt
Be Rewarded for Your Work
Be Rewarded for Your Work
The Community
Angela Dental Assistant

Meet Angela
Dental Assistant
“Salt has become one of my 'on the way to work apps' …I check it on the bus and it makes me excited to go in and earn more.”
Geoff Photographer
Meet Geoff
“Working multiple gigs, it’s huge for me that Salt isn’t tied only to one employer or job. Salt is a well-rounded rewards program that recognizes my hard work in all aspects of my work life.”
Javier Showman
Meet Javier
"I love rewards. I have a few loyalty programs but none like Salt. Earning rewards as I work just makes sense."
Veronia A Uber Driver
Meet Veronica A
Uber Driver
“I work a bunch of gigs and so Salt lets me feel like I can finally get a better picture of all the work I do across my different jobs.” 
Dumitru Construction Manager
Meet Dumitru
Construction Manager
 “Sometimes i wonder why I’m even working. But seeing my Salt balance tells me I’m worth something more than my paycheck.”
Jeremy R Graphic Artist
Meet Jeremy R
Graphic Artist
“You bet if I’m Passing Salt I really want to say thank you for something because I know the hard work it took to earn it.”
Maria Social Worker
Meet Maria
Social Worker
"Salt encourages me to pick up extra shifts because I know I'm earning something that I love using."
Ron Construction
Meet Ron
“I’m excited for the Salt community to continue to grow and for me to be a part of it from the start."
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