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Why would your employees act like owners, if you don’t give them something to own?
Salt Labs has created the first ownership asset that frontline workers earn with each hour they work.
Rooted in behavioral science and tested over hundreds of thousands of workers, Salt radically changes employee behavior through an asset that is universally understood by workers and seamlessly enabled by technology for the  employer.
Ownership That's Easy to Understand
For the first time, frontline employees earn something of value for their future through their efforts today. Watch how it works.
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Trusted by companies big and small
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How it Works
Purpose built technology that unlocks one’s inherent desire to be an owner.
Employees work towards achieving a personal goal.
50% of all Salt users set goals that are an average of 9 months long.
Employees convert their hours into Salt, giving them a source of daily validation & motivation.
94% of employees continue to engage with their daily shifts, once they earn 300 Salt.
Employees can exchange their Salt for a range of options from a special purchase, to a savings product. This control over earning potential results in a newfound sense of financial security.
91% of Salt owners state they feel more  financially secure.
Salt becomes a digital representation of employees’ work achievements, finally giving career equity back to frontline workers.
Salt users check their Salt app 4.1x per week.
Salt Boosts Financial Security
True financial security for your employees future
A large percentage of the workforce is unable to achieve financial security through tools that reduce their paycheck…You would expect that this demographic would use the Salt that they’re earning as soon as it’s earned, but they’re actually saving it.
Ted Benna, Father of the 401k
An Ownership Mindset is Good for Business
Good for Employers
employees stay 56% longer compared to non-Salt users
of Salt users would apply for a job that offers Salt
of Salt users would pick up an extra shift to earn Salt
Good for Employees
of Salt users have a higher sense of financial security since earning Salt
of Salt users stated a higher level of job satisfaction since owning Salt
of Salt users have exchanged their Salt for financial wellness products
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