Salt is a first of its kind workplace loyalty program.
Business Results
Salt gives work new meaning by allowing employees to capture, measure and reward themselves for the work that they do, driving workplace engagement.
of users stated they would have stayed at their last job if offered Salt
Financial Security
of users say Salt has made them more financially secure.
of users are willing to fill extra shifts
Learn how one company is using Salt to reward & recognize their workers
How It Works
Our workplace loyalty program is completely employee-initiated.
Mine Your Hours
Earn 1 Salt per 1 hour
Grow Your Salt Balance
Set goals
Own Your Effort
Watch balance grow
Be rewarded
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What are Salt Rewards?
What are Salt Points?
How do you know how many hours I worked?
What if I forget to log my hours?
What can I use Salt for?
How often are new experiences added to the app?
How do I redeem rewards with Salt?
When will my redeemed reward arrive?
I am having trouble logging in. What should I do?
What if I have questions, feedback or suggestions for Salt?
What can I do with the Salt App?
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