your workers
Salt is a new form of compensation
built specifically for the hourly workforce.
When your employees earn Salt, you can expect to see:
  • Boosted Employee Retention
    Employee retention has increased ~50%
  • Elevated Job Satisfaction
    72% of employees were from an “average job satisfaction” to “high satisfaction
  • Enhanced Financial Security
    91% of Salt users say they feel more financially secure
What is Salt
Salt is “equity for the hourly workforce.”  For the first time ever, an employer can enable employees to earn something on top of and separate from their paycheck.'


  • Permanent
  • Value compounds
  • Creates long-term savings

Choice and Ownership

  • Earnings are self-initiated
  • Employee in command of her spend and savings
  • Individualized Goal Setting

Operational Ease

  • No employer administration
  • "Bottoms-up" activation
  • Employees create their own engagement
How it Works

Enhanced Financial Security

  • Employees earn 1 Salt for every
hour worked
  • Each Salt represents dedication and contributions over time

Recognizing Achievements with Badges

  • Digital accolates for tasks
and milestones
  • Stored in profiles as a permanent representation of achievements

Tracking Progress and Achievements

  • Set it and forget it
  • Goals achieved organically
  • No administration
What They Say About Us

Through its offering, Salt Labs is reinventing the way in which hourly workers earn in order to help them build towards a secure financial future

Yahoo Finance


It’s more special than money because money comes and goes, and these are experiences that I never imagined being able to give myself.


Retail Worker

Salt has had an immediate effect on my workers and has made them think and act like owners


Axon Holdings

we are

Founded in 2022 by a team of seasoned workplace experts, Salt Labs is committed to delivering win/win solutions for both employers and employees. Ourteam's impressive track record includes the founding of DailyPay, a pioneering $2 billion HR Technology company known for inventing on-demand pay forthe hourly workforce.

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The Salt Solution — See It for Yourself.
It is time to make your workers Owners.
91% of users say Salt has made them more financially secure.
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