How Incept's Innovative Approach is Transforming Frontline Employee Engagement

How Incept's Innovative Approach is Transforming Frontline Employee Engagement


Incept, a multi-channel call center based in Canton, Ohio, is dedicated to bringing conversational marketing back to the customer experience with one simple goal — to strengthen relationships at every touchpoint. Incept understands that its frontline workers are the voice of its brand, and the company is only as good as its people. 

Many call centers frequently face the same challenges with their frontline workers, including:

  • Burnout from the daily stresses of the job
  • Low productivity
  • High turnover
  • Lack of engagement

To tackle some of these challenges, Incept partnered with Salt Labs to offer a disruptive approach to what you might believe traditional rewards & incentives programs look like. This program rewards employees with a new ownership asset that they earn with each hour they work. With Salt, employees are building a balance — a new store of value — that goes beyond their paycheck and is highly valuable and personal to them. It makes employees act like owners.

A Modern Approach to Rewarding Frontline Workers

Incept’s CEO Sam Falletta needed to take a fresh look at what hourly employees want, and he realized they want ownership of something beyond their paycheck. In evaluating different employee loyalty and reward programs, Sam needed to determine whether the program he chose checked off the following boxes:

  • It’s easy to set up and maintain.
  • It benefits a large number of employees.
  • Employees will receive something of real value. 
  • It will change employee behavior and drive results

Proven Results that Speak for Themselves

Salt has been a fantastic motivator for Incept’s frontline workers. With 78% enrollment, workers engage with their Salt daily, earning one Salt for every hour they work. “Mining” their Salt by adding their hours daily provides employees with an incentive to come to work—they want to continuously grow their Salt Balance and work toward goals they choose for themselves. 

Close to 60% of employees set goals for what they can do with their Salt. Maybe they want to save for a financial product, like a treasury bond, or an event, like a family trip to an amusement park. Saving Salt and reaping the rewards of their savings gives Incept frontline workers a way to connect what they do on a daily basis to a savings habit that rewards them with something they want.

As for business results, Incept sees a strong positive correlation between employees using Salt and employee tenure, and even stronger results among its employees using Salt’s goal setting feature.

When employees are happy and feel fulfilled in their jobs, they are more productive and provide a higher level of service. To Sam, this is the real win — because happy customers are what Incept is all about.

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