Salt Labs Has Been Acquired by Chime Financial to Help Unite Everyday Americans to Unlock Financial Progress

Salt Labs Has Been Acquired by Chime Financial to Help Unite Everyday Americans to Unlock Financial Progress


We are thrilled to announce that Salt Labs has been acquired by Chime Financial, a leading financial technology company.  

Chime and Salt Labs share a mission to unite everyday people to unlock their financial progress. Through this acquisition, we can further enable employers to empower their employees to build financial security, enjoy unparalleled benefits and products accessed through work, and leverage the Chime platform. 

Following the acquisition, Salt Labs Founder and CEO Jason Lee will lead Chime Enterprise, a new business unit at Chime dedicated to delivering innovative employee benefits and financial wellness products to leading employers and their employees across America.

Dedicated to Frontline Workers 

Since our founding, Salt Labs has been at the forefront of creating disruptive technologies for frontline workers in the enterprise rewards and financial wellness space. Our flagship product, Salt, is designed to function like a savings account, creating a valuable asset for hourly workers to own the long-term value of their work. Salt transforms how employees perceive and value their work, allowing them to measure and reward their efforts using their most significant asset — their time. 91% of workers feel more financially secure since they earn Salt, and users save 59% of their Salt. This compares to the negative 2% savings rate for consumers in the same income bracket. 

Same Team, Same Commitment

Employer partners can expect the same entrepreneurial, high-touch, and highly collaborative team, only now with a bigger platform provided by one of the preeminent technology companies in the world. The entire Salt Team is moving to Chime Enterprise and is committed to continuing to serve the needs of employers and employees. 

We’re excited to continue to build for leading employers and their employees. Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to a future where financial progress is achievable and within reach for everyone.

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