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You create your Salt with every hour that you work.
The more you work, the more you earn.
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Save your Salt and build your balance for the future.
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Salt allows you to set personalized goals and track your progress as you work towards a wide variety of highly curated items.
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Salt is proof of all the time you’ve spent at work - and the value you’re getting back from it.
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The Community
Angela Dental Assistant

Meet Keila
"It is gratifying that just by working you can receive rewards. It is a motivation to work. I can save my Salt to be able to enjoy a vacation in a hotel with my partner and finally enjoy the benefits of working."
Geoff Photographer
Meet Yarimar
Sales Associate
"Having the opportunity to mine Salt in exchange of my effort at work. This is a fun way to give our work hours new opportunities."
Javier Showman
Meet Axel
"Salt has changed my life in the sense that I feel like it is a reward from me, to me, for working. Sometimes we get so focused on work, on life, on debt and we don't have that little time to say, today I'm going to take out $30 for a gift card or an activity on the island, and Salt gives us those opportunities without having to take out of our pocket."
Veronia A Uber Driver
Meet Guadalupe
Uber Driver
"The app is wonderful for many of us [hourly workers]. It is a unique and unparalleled experience because you get to experience things without having to spend money, and it’s more special than money because money comes and goes, and these are experiences that I never imagined being able to give myself.”
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